Feel controlled by food & can’t see a way out?


Binge Eating Disorder Specialists


Top Features

1 to 1 access with Clinical Dietitian

1 to 1 Personal Mentor

1 to 1 Therapy Sessions

Additional x 2 weekly check ins ( x 1 zoom meeting and x 1 online check in)

24/7 Support

Flexible Nutrition Programme

Guided workout support

Video Analysis to improve performance and technique

Personal mentor support

Expert Clinical Dietitian support

Do your eating habits chip away at your happiness day after day, to the point you feel ashamed, embarrassed and self destructive?

When you look in the mirror, does your body image upset you and make you feel unworthy, or not good enough? Do you feel like food becomes a repetitive obsession and controls you?

If you answered yes to ANY of these statements, I would like to remind you that you are not alone. I’d also like to tell you, I’ve personally been there and I understand why you’re here now, which is why me and my team WANT to help you, and CAN help you.

A programme that works for you and creates healthy relationship with food and yourself.

We know that one programme does NOT fit all and this is why we prioritise building a strong and trusting relationship with your coach so that we can make ongoing adjustments to your programme as we see how your body responds and how you’re feeling along the way. Focusing on your health, happiness and improving your quality of life.

We focus on improving your relationship with you whilst healing your mind and body. On this programme, we do NOT focus or prioritize setting visual targets for our clients. However, visual targets CAN be a by-product of developing a healthy and positive relationship with yourself and food.

Planned Around You

Life is busy, I understand that. Remove the stress of life and I will tell you when and what to train to keep you on track.

Never Get Bored

We can make amendments to your workout plan to prevent boredom and target weaker areas to improve your performance.

Workout At Home Or The Gym

Your workout schedules will be designed to fit around you and whatever equipment you have available.


Introductory call with your coach

Training structure for home / gym

Optimum supplementation recommended by clinical nutritionist

8 X coaches video calls throughout the 12 weeks

24/7 whatsapp support

Private FB group and live content

Personalized nutrition guideline with unlimited updates

1-1 access to clinical nutritionist

4 X therapy sessions

12 check ins via our online portal

Private whatsapp support group

MWP Work Booklet

Exercise video analysis


On the good and the bad days we have got you

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