Welcome to our support Circle!
A community of like minded people to remind you – you are not alone and we are here for you!!! Every single step of the way.

We will be providing you with;

Regular live support videos from the mental wellness team

Workout guides to learn ‘how much, how long’ should we be training for maximum results.

Knowledge on how the brain works and how we can be kinder and forgive ourselves to move positively forward.

A safe place to openly speak about how you feel and have a full team support you every single day.

Weekly live yoga sessions

Daily tips and motivation

Nutrition tips to increase / heal your metabolism and eat more food whilst achieving results

Positive affirmations with morning and evening rituals

Special guest speakers monthly

The SMW circle is a private community including HUGE support and valuable content created by the SMW team to help all our members improve their relationship with food and feel supported during their BED recovery.

This circle gives you the opportunity to be 100% yourself, with no fear of judgement, just support and love from people who understand and can relate to you.

No contract, cancel any time.